The Institute for Sensory Research and Reckner

The Institute for Sensory Research and Reckner

The Institute for Sensory Research and Reckner Facilities are sister companies providing experienced product testing and sensory research in the United States. 

The Institute for Sensory Research (ISR) is a nationally-recognized, full-service sensory research organization, located just outside of New York City. We provide sensory panels for discrimination and descriptive testing and sensory testing facilities, including product testing booths and sink booths.   We are one of the most experienced scientific sensory research organizations with 18+ years' working with food, beverage, household care & personal care manufacturers. Our approach links established sensory & scientific methodologies with strict quality controls to provide reliable research results for confident decision making.

Our sensory research services include:

  • Discrimination testing
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Preference mapping
  • Category appraisal
  • Round-table tasting
  • Product screening
  • Temporal dominance of sensation
  • Shelf-life studies
  • Flash profiling
  • Napping

Reckner Facilities provides state-of-the-art, product and sensory testing facilities, as well as fieldwork across the United States. Our modern, spacious facilities are located in three major markets in the United States, and we provide fieldwork in every U.S. market through our extensive network of validated research partners. With 25+ years’ experience, we are knowledgeable in all methodologies and can provide guidance on executing your study successfully. Specialties include product testing, home use tests, central location tests, and sensory evaluations.

Our facilities include:

  • Commercial test kitchens
  • Product testing booths
  • Sink booths
  • Household care rooms (washer, dryer, toilet)
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Focus group rooms

Our fieldwork services include:

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Recruiting management
  • Study execution expertise
  • Daily progress reports
  • Incentives management and disbursement
  • Global programming capabilities for one data-set

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