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Caterina Dinnella, University of Florence, Italy

Dr. Caterina Dinnella received her PhD in Applied Biochemistry from the University of Bologna and was enrolled as researcher by the University of Potenza at the Agricultural Faculty-Biology Department. She is currently senior researcher at University of Florence, Agricultural Faculty- Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry System Management where she works at the UniFI-Sensory Lab. 

Her research interests include the individual variations in taste sensitivity and their relevance in hedonic responses to foods, the food preference and choice according to individual variations in personality traits and food behaviors and attitudes, the description of food sensory properties by time-dependent methods.

Dr. Dinnella is a fellow of the Italian Sensory Science Society and of the European Sensory Science Society where she takes part in the working group on Taste Sensitivity. She is member of the scientific committee of the Italian Taste project and leads the working groups on “Physiological and Biometric Indices” and on “Preference, Familiarity and Food Choice”.

She is member of the editorial board of Food Quality and Preference.

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